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People think feminism means that there’s a group of women somewhere that want to take trousers with pockets away from men and give them to women, and give men trousers with fake pockets, while in reality feminism is the general idea that everyone should have trousers with pockets, because pockets are awesome.

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The Iron Throne as described in the novels, officially endorsed by GRRM on his blog as the most accurate artistic representation thus far. By artist Marc Simonetti.

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"We’ll get caught."
"No we won’t- well, not just yet."
"Caught in five minutes. ‘Oh, hi, we just thought we’d come and have a wander round your top secret weapons base. ‘Really? Great! Come in- kettle’s just boiled.’ That’s if we don’t get shot.”

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One reason why I love David Mitchell (x)

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This is the line that has gotten me through life.

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leslie knows my ambition in life

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